ProActive Has Official launch At ISC West 2018

Many Industries are demanding Affordable Long Term Storage.

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Cannabis & Real Estate Lead The Way

After two years of testing, ProActive-CCTV Data Storage & Monitoring had its official launch at ISC West in April of 2018. ProActive introduced its patent-pending technology to a wide variety of integrators, dealers and reps from many industries, including real estate and property management, warehousing, construction and transportation. All industries responded with substantial need and interest in what is truly the only simple, reliable and affordable long term solution available. 

One industry that showed particular interest and urgency for ProActive solutions was the booming cannabis industry. With individual state regulations mandating strict coverage, quality and storage requirements, the need for solutions like those offered by ProActive-CCTV has heightened significantly.

At the launch, The real estate and property management industry also demonstrated their critical need for ProActive’s long term storage and system monitoring solutions.

Sales reps were also part of the non-stop flow of visitors who were eager to learn about the opportunities presented by ProActive. With many territories still available in the US, ProActive represents unique revenue producing opportunities for independent reps as well as dealers and integrators. Interested reps should contact Allan Liers ( 631-848-6212) for more information.