Compatible with 98% of Manufacturers.

  • There is NO need to replace existing hardware.

  • Simply plug the proactive compression server into the same local area network (LAN) as your cameras.

  • The Proactive Server will pull the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) from the camera, DVR, NVR, VMS substream or RSTP output. 

  • Clients will continue to use the platform they know and love.

  • The proactive server will compress and archive the video data for whatever length of time chosen.

  • If cloud storage is activated the storage will be securely sent to the cloud.  All Data is encrypted 256 AES at rest and during transfer.

  • The Proactive Server can be customized to monitor any device on the same LAN.  Notifying any individual of any failures. 

  • The Proactive Database Server is located in the cloud, and is pinging our compression servers to ensure power, and internet connectivity. (This feature can be done locally for security concerns and compliance)

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